Research lines, key papers & funding

Development and validation of Optical Coherence Tomography probes for eye surgery innovation

A. Abid*, R. Duval, F. Rezende, C. Boutopoulos#, “A smart vitrector equipped by a fiber-based OCT sensor mitigates intentional attempts at creating iatrogenic retinal breaks during vitrectomy in pigs”, Translational Vision Science & Technology, 10(13):19 (2021). doi: (PDF)

A. Abid*, S. Mittal*, C. Boutopoulos#, “Etching-enabled extreme miniaturization of graded-index fiber-based optical coherence tomography probes,” J. Biomed. Opt. 25(3), 032006 (2020), doi: 10.1117/1.JBO.25.3.032006 (PDF) (Code)


Bio-printing / tissue engineering

K. Roversi, H. Ebrahimi Orimi*, M. Falchetti, E. Lummertz da Rocha, S. Talbot, C. Boutopoulos#, “Bioprinting of Adult Dorsal Root Ganglion (DRG) Neurons Using Laser-Induced Side Transfer (LIST)”, Micromachines, 12(8), 265 (2021). (PDF)

H. Ebrahimi Orimi*, S.S. Hosseini Kolkoohosseini*, E. Hooker, S. Narayanswamy, B. Larrivee, C. Boutopoulos#, “Drop-on-demand cell bioprinting via Laser Induced Side Transfer (LIST)”, Scientific Reports, 10, 9730 (2020).



A. Doppenberg*, M. Meunier, C. Boutopoulos#, “A needle-like optofluidic probe enables targeted intracellular delivery by confining light-nanoparticle interaction on single cell”, Nanoscale, 10 21871-21878 (2018) (PDF).


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